Angel Zoo is a happy place, where children laugh, play, have fun and where children are being children.

At Angel Zoo we are attuned to the needs of each Child and their family, our Educators and the community. 

We respect the rights of the Child.

We believe every child has the right to access early education, Angel zoo will provide flexible options to suit family’s needs.

We recognise you, your child’s parent’s, as the first and most influential teacher for your child.

We respect equal opportunity and equality of gender for Children, Families, Educators and Community.

We offer a safe, and secure environment, and practice healthy hygienic practices throughout our Service.

We are building enduring relationships and connections with children, and work in partnership with families.  Developing positive relationships based on honesty, trust and thoughtfulness.

We offer an inclusive service to all.  A friendly open-door service, a place to play, learn, relax, talk, make friends, share stories, build relationships.   Our vision is for everyone to feel a strong sense of belonging.

We believe children to be capable competent co-contributors and active participants in their own learning. 

We are respectful of other’s ideas and thoughts, and practice open communication.

We advocate for the environment, investigating and implementing sustainable practices within our scope.

Children are offered opportunities to discover, investigate, experiment and participate in shaping the learning environment, through their fascinations and ideas.  Revisiting interests and achieving self-reliant learning at their own pace. 

Educators at Angel Zoo listen to children, encouraging language development.  Guiding and interacting in responsive play, in the role of co-constructors.  Observing, reflecting, providing continuity in extending learning experiences to enable all children to have successful transitions.

We provide a balance of leisure, education, play, technology, while fostering independence and choice in a nurturing environment for all school age children.

We endorse and support the work of the Smith Family through our sponsorship in their Learning for Life program to enable Australian children to access Education.

We respect and have recognition of our own indigenous heritage, the First Peoples of this land, and that of the wider community, locally, nationally and internationally, people of all faith, ethos, culture and diversity.

We advocate for the Early Childhood profession and commit to ongoing professional learning.  Becoming innovative with our teaching approaches through contemporary research and investigation.

Through critical reflection, we will ensure we are always guided by others input to adapt to our surroundings, offer informative and enlightening policies and procedures, flexibility and commitment to all Families, Children and Educators.

We believe when children feel safe, they find confidence to explore, learn, and grow.