Is waiting for you…

To be an integral part of a team with a real voice
Together we have a reputable School. Based on respect, knowledge, experience and skill.

We’ll work well communicating with parents, family, the department and well….. everyone,
Ensuring Children’s health, safety and education are included in the daily fun!

All paramount qualities in our philosophy and mission,
You need to bring innovation, drive and vision.

Also bring along all the great inspiration you have to impart,
From your journey so far and help continue developing Angel Zoo from the day you start.

We look forward to your emailed story with longing,
Details such as your Working with Children Check, your qualifications, and your sense of belonging.

We offer strong management processes, policies and procedures you can trust,
Will provide you a happy, stable environment, offering ongoing upskilling and support – all a must.

Please detail all your reasons for applying, who you want to be as a valued player,
With our team, that’s not new, we’ve been around forever.

Tracey, Michelle and Terry combined have many years experience in Early Education and Child Care,
Our Standards and Expectations are high, there’s no question there.

Come be part of our team, join us at Angel Zoo,
Our Giant Castle is here, we and the children, are all waiting just for you.

Our mascot is a colourful Giraffe named Angelica, she’s sweet,
She represents our personality, and along with our quirky engagement process is unique.

To grab your attention, we thought we would try a poem as an experiment,
Our genuine desire to attract like minded people to our team is extremely relevant…..

To achieve our goals, to provide the community a worthy Exceeding Practice Early Education and Child Care,
to Engage, Encourage, Teach and share,

Our wisdom, our knowledge, our trained thoughts and learning processes,
For the future Politicians, the Bakers, Truck drivers, Parents and Designer Princesses.